With a strategic "Low Intensity Skill Routine"

Developing Elite Infield Glovework takes only minutes a day

- Doug Bernier, 16 Seasons Professional Infielder (Twins, Rockies, Yankees, Pirates & Rangers) & Current Minor League Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies

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What's Included?

  • 2 Low Intensity Skill Routines - There's a reason Major Leaguers do this every day. When you follow Doug's skill routines, it only takes a few minutes each day to get an extra 1,000 reps per month.
  • Off season / In-season With this 1 page printable plan, you'll get 2 routines... a shorter one for in-season (1 to 4 minutes) & a longer one for off-season (6 to 8 minutes)
  • Adjustability Zone Guide Learn ideal glove actions for each zone (green, yellow, red) of fielding the short hop... and know exactly when to go for the long hop instead!

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Wait, who's Doug?

In a nutshell...

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 at 2nd base for the Colorado Rockies, and after that played for 5 organizations...

  • Colorado Rockies
  • New York Yankees
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Texas Rangers

...over 16 professional seasons. 

Doug has played every position on the field at the Major League level except for catcher, and is proficient at second base, shortstop, and third base. His defensive stats ranked at the top of the league nearly every year, with a career .971 fielding average. 

After retiring from playing, Doug began to work for his home team in Denver Colorado, the Colorado Rockies. He spent 2 years as a Pro Scout, and then 2 years as the Major League Game Planning Coordinator.

Currently, Doug is the Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies.

As the Defensive Coordinator, he's tasked with setting the fielding and baserunning expectations, planning defensive workouts during spring training, and overseeing all infield, outfield and baserunning development, from Rookie ball all the way up to AAA.

Among Bernier's many coaches and mentors are Mike Gallego, Albie Pearson, Clint Hurdle, Joe Girardi, Kevin Long, Wally Horsman, Carney Lanceford, Tom Runnells, Mike Krukow, and many more.  

In 2012, Bernier decided to "give back" by creating Pro Baseball Insider, a platform where professional baseball players donate their knowledge for free to the public

Tens of thousands players, parents and coaches have been helped by the free baseball instruction at PBI. Click here to check out PBI's list of contributing Major League players and coaches who have donated their knowledge.

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